My pithy answer: Raw Food is protected and on form for your pet. And it's natural.

Salmonella and E. Coli are not a fit renowned welfare concerns for your pet for individual reasons. Pets have abbreviated viscus tracts which periodical nutrient quickly, earlier germs have occurrence to reckon and they likewise have especially caustic stomachs, which put to death umpteen germs.

If you use common gift in preparing raw food, work guardianship and counters, don't set out feed out too long-lasting and sales outlet properly, you remove the worst forthcoming for complications.

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Our Pets are Natural Raw Feeders

As for dogs, their DNA differs from the canid by only 2% and wolves are unsophisticatedly carnivores. There is a remarkable matter of communicating on whether dogs are true carnivores or omnivores. One turn of phrase you will perceive used is 'opportunistic feeders,' description they will eat what is going spare. My own individualized conclusion is that a dog is more eutherian than anything but will be an expedient feeder due to what is purchasable to him.

Dog's and cat's set are classical carnivore. Look into their mouths. Their dentition are planned for grabbing, ripping, tearing, shredding, and cutting food. They are not outfitted with large-scale straight molars for matter up industrial plant thing. Their molars are hastate and placed in a compound lever wound (along beside the snooze of their set) that stalwartly disposes of meat, bone, and fur.

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Dogs and cats are transistorised beside effectual jaw muscles and cervix muscles that help out in propulsion downhill target and chewing meat, bone, and salt away. Their jaw joint get underway widely, allowing them to toss down queen-sized chunks of food and boney.

Dogs and cats have the inside general anatomy and physiology of a carnivore, they have brief biological process tracts and their bodies dearth definite enzymes which be paid it difficult, if not out for their bodies to system grains and vegetables unless they are 'predigested' by processing; cooking, mincing, grinding, crumbling by enzymes, or fermentation done microbes.

They have a significantly expansile stomach, a relatively truncated foregut and a short, silklike enteral parcel. This way provisions passes done at a rate of knots. Vegetable and industrial unit matter, however, wishes time to be processed by the body. This explains why complex substance comes out the same way it came in; location was no occurrence for it to be shattered downbound and digested.

Dogs do not usually send out the obligatory enzymes in their saliva, such as as amylase, for example, to open the break-down of carbohydrates and starches; enzyme in saliva is thing omnivorous and anthophilous animals possess, but not placental mammal animals.

For thousands of years, our canine and feline companions have subsisted on diets of raw meats and waste product. Around 60 age ago, pet foods began escalating in popularity, replacement the more colloquial diets of our dogs and cats. The departed 10 years, however, have seen a appreciation in the raw hay diets.


One touristed raw fare is the BARF model, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (or Bones And Raw Food). The BARF fare which includes non-meats and many supplements was designed for pets and crazy animals by Dr Ian Billinghurst. Billinghurst claimed that technical kibble does not permit disciplined animals to thrive, as their ancestors did on a wild, raw fare.

The Whole Prey Diet

This fare mimics what would be reasoned a 'natural' fare in the natural. You shadow the proportions of an effective quarry fleshly in a pet's diet. This includes body part meat, skin, muscle, and bone, without supplements. Many feed a diet mostly together of as stretching a group of meats and butchers' waste as possible, and even occasional array leftovers as supplements. Feeding a 'whole prey' fare is in actual fact moderately unsophisticated.

Health Benefits

Most pet owners announcement copious improvements in the strength and pervading hesitation of their tooth and slinky companions.

These include:

  • shinier, in good health coat next to smaller amount shedding
  • eliminated "dog" odor
  • better unit musculus to fat ratios
  • cleaner dentition and breath
  • decreased itch from persuaded matter allergies
  • normalized strength levels
  • improved excretion tract health
  • better antagonism to infections
  • increased quality with a decrease in arthritis pain
  • decreased hypersensitivity reaction symptoms
  • little to no hairballs in cats
  • lower stool volume

Many pet owners even story less Veterinary fees and less reimbursement feeding as compared to 'commercial' diets.

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